Single-wire copper-coating welding wire production process

pre-processing rough drawing:wire pay offmechanical peelingcold water rinseelectrolytic picklingboron coateddryinglz6/560stright drawing linesg800i-shaped wheel take-up machine
fine pull:fx800i-shaped wheel pay-off machine lz8/400stright drawing linetension stand wash tank → hot scrub → electrolytic alkali washing tank → electrolytic pickling tank → washing activation tank → coating tank → hot water wash → traction polishing machine → sg630i-shaped wheel take-up machine 3:sg630i-shaped wheel pay-off machinetension standlayer winding machine (winding the wire into 15kg or 20kg per plate)
4:bs4525heat shrink packaging machine for packaging and storage

high-speed copper plating production line

i. overview
as one of the main materials for steel structure connection today, welding wire has been widely used in machinery, metallurgy, shipbuilding, chemical industry, construction, bridge, transportation, aerospace and other industries. gas-shielded solid wire is a kind of high-efficiency welding material. due to its unique advantages of high automation, continuity, high efficiency and energy saving, it is gradually replacing manual welding rods, and its demand is increasing year by year.
at present, the domestic welding wire manufacturing process is relatively mature, and the copper plating process is mainly based on unfolded copper plating. the speed is slow, basically 250~300m/min, and the speed is fast, the quality is not stable, the old-fashioned tradition the waste of copper plating process resources is more serious, and the cost of enterprise products is bound to affect the survival space of enterprises.
this set of equipment, using german technology, its advantages are summarized as follows:
1- small footprint, can save the planning of the old copper plating workshop (including equipment, personnel, workshops, etc.), saving investment
2-high copper plating speed can reach 800~1000m/min, calculated with 1.2mm welding wire, 3t finished wire can be produced per shift (8 hours)
3-saving one process and saving time
4-save water, greatly reduce water consumption
5-save a pre-treatment (alkaline wash), the cost is reduced by a large part (alkali auxiliary, alkali heating, water)
6-single machine operation is conducive to product quality control: for example, if there is a problem with the multi-head copper plating production line, it may cause problems in all the welding wires. high-speed copper plating will not affect other production lines.
7-high degree of automation, stable process, so the product quality is stable
in summary, high-speed copper plating equipment should gradually replace traditional copper plating equipment in the future welding wire industry. after the design, manufacture and optimization of our company, the automation of the equipment is high, and the complex copper plating process control is automated and the operation is simplified. , produce qualified products.

second, the equipment composition
this production line consists of three parts:
1. high speed copper plating:
1.1: high throwing machine:
1.2: fine drawing machine:
1.2.1: fine drawing machine
1.2.2: dance wheel set
1.3: washing machine:
1.4: high speed copper coating tank:
1.4.1: pre-washing treatment:
1.4.2: high speed copper coating tank:
1.4.3: exhaust gas treatment system:
1.5: high frequency dryer: outsourcing
1.6: single cylinder sizing machine:
1.6.1: single cylinder sizing machine:
1.6.2: oil drawing circulation system:
1.7: wire cleaning machine (customer optional):
1.8: dance wheel set
1.9: wire take-up machine:
2, layer winding machine:

third, technical performance
1. high speed copper plating:
1.1, high throwing machine:
1.1.1 can provide non-stop supply lines, effectively improving work efficiency.
2.1.2 no power supply line to save energy.
1.2, fine drawing machine:
1.2.1, maximum incoming line strength 700mpa
1.2.2, the maximum incoming wire diameter ø2.8mm
1.2.3, minimum finished product diameter ø1.0 mm
1.2.4, the maximum total compression rate 85%
1.2.5, the maximum finished product speed 900m/min
1.2.6, pull the road 8+1
1.2.7, reel diameter φ450mm
1.2.8, reel cooling method
1.2.9, mold box cooling method
1.2.10, water pressure 2~3 bar
1.2.11, air pressure 0.5~0.6mpa
ac variable frequency motor:
yvp160l-6 11kw 7 sets
yvp180l-6 15kw 1 set
1.3, washing machine:
1.3.1, the box is made of 304 stainless steel.
1.3.2, sprayed by the wire wheel, has the advantages of long service life and no damage to the wire.
1.3.3, the water tank isolation design, easy to clean up the dirt.
1.4, high speed copper coating tank:
1.4.1, the total length of the equipment: 13 meters, made of high quality pp sheet, the pump is all made of acid and alkali resistant materials.
1.4.2, reciprocating design of pickling tank and copper plating trough, saving floor space.
1.4.3, unified gas collection design, can easily discharge acid gas to the exhaust gas treatment tower, effectively improving the working environment of workers.
1.4.4, advanced copper plating process, the maximum speed of up to 20 m / s.
1.5, high frequency dryer:
1.5.1 is simpler to operate than traditional dryers and has high work efficiency.
1.6, single cylinder sizing machine:
1.6.1, the maximum finished product speed is 1200m/min.
1.6.2, reel, eye mold box cooling method -- water cooling.
1.6.3, motor yvp160l-6 --11kw.
1.6.4, oil drawing cycle system.
1.7. dance wheel group:
1.8, fqw800a wire take-up machine technical performance:
(1) i-shaped wheel size: φ800*600

fourth, structural characteristics and working principle:
1. high speed copper plating:
1.1, high throwing machine:
1.1.1. it consists of a frame, a supply wire frame, four sets of cross-wheels, a chain, and a crimping frame.
1.1.2, the wire wheel can straighten the wire to be drawn.
1.1.3, the pressure wire frame can prevent chaotic lines.
1.2, fine drawing machine:
1.2.1. straight-through wire drawing machine is mainly composed of wire drawing drum, mold box, transmission device, tension device, frame, pneumatic system, water cooling system and protective cover.
1.2.2, in the drawing operation, 8/450 wire drawing machine: 1#~4# drawing reel is driven by the variable frequency motor after the secondary belt drive, 5#~10# drawing reel is driven by the variable frequency motor through the first belt after driving. after the wire passes through the wire drawing die, a certain number of turns are wound on the surface of the roll, and then the next wire drawing die is inserted, and so on. a tensioning device is arranged on the mold box between the reels, and the pendulum roller swinging rod is oscillated by the change of the tensioning force of the steel wire, and then the sensor sends a signal to the electric control cabinet to adjust the rotation speed difference between the adjacent reels. to complete the continuous drawing process.
1.2.3, the drawing reel is zg45, the surface hardness of the working part after surface spraying is hrc≥60, so the surface contact strength of the reel is high and the wear resistance is excellent.
1.2.4, the mold box is the working part of the wire drawing machine. the wire drawing die is mounted on a mounting sleeve in the middle of the pool, and the drawing die cooling is indirectly cooled by water. the mold box is made of welded steel, and the over-line mold is installed at the inlet end of the steel wire. the wire of the inlet can be directly introduced into the drawing die, and an appropriate amount of lubricant is stored at the front end of the mold box. the mold box is adjustable, so that the center of the outlet of the drawing die is aligned with the tangent position of the circular arc surface of the reel, so that the wire of the previous drawing reel is accurately sent to the next drawing reel, except for the feeding. a swing roller device is attached to the outside of the mold box, and the required tension of the steel wire is provided by the cylinder, and the tension is adjusted by the pressure regulator, and the pressure adjustment range is 0 to 0.5 mpa.
1.2.5, the main transmission is composed of brakes, motors, belt drive pairs.
1.2.6. the main frame adopts a welded structure, which is both strong and beautiful. for ease of operation, the rack is equipped with a barometer, a pneumatic adjustment knob, a foot switch and a partial control switch.
1.2.7, the machine is a pendulum roller straight wire drawing machine, which combines the advantages of the loop type and the linear type wire drawing machine. it has no loop type, no twisting, large speed range, high drawing speed and good cooling effect. the advantages of the straight wire drawing machine are simple, the threading is convenient, and the inner quality and surface quality of the wire are greatly improved.
1.2.8 the protective cover should be locked during the drawing process. when the protective cover is opened, the wire drawing machine can only run at low speed.
1.2.9 the looper device is used to adjust the tension between the main machine and the take-up machine. the change of the take-up tension causes the looper wheel to move up and down. even if the position of the sensor board and the sensor changes, the speed of the wire take-up machine is controlled electronically. matches the speed of the last reel of the host.
1.3, washing machine:
1.3.1, reciprocating design, extended cleaning time.
1.3.2, internal double-layer spray, the best cleaning effect.
1.3.4, external circulation mode, no liquid remains in the tank, to avoid sludge deposition.
1.4, high speed copper coating tank:
1.4.1, electrolytic pickling treatment, through the electrolysis power source, sulfuric acid to produce hydrogen and oxygen on the surface of the wire to forcibly peel off the surface of the wire and rust.
1.4.2, reciprocating design in high-speed copper coating tank, fully extending the copper ion replacement time, unique process, making the copper ion combination more dense.
1.4.3, each water washing independent pump positive pressure operation, fully clean the surface residue of the wire.
1.5, high frequency dryer:
1.6, single cylinder sizing machine:
1.6.1, sizing, polishing.
1.6.2. the artificial diamond mold is used in the eye mold box, and the copper ions flow smoothly and combine more densely during the drawing process, and the surface of the wire is bright.
1.6.3, oil circulation drawing, through the oil pump into the eye mold box, and then overflow back to the oil tank, there is a cooling tube at the bottom of the oil storage tank, which can reduce the oil temperature and improve the service life of the oil.
1.7, i-shaped wheel take-up machine:

1.7.1, i-shaped wheel size: φ800*600 type, φ630*500 type universal.

five, installation instructions
1, precautions before installation
1.1. check the integrity of each part and part of the machine. zero, the parts should be complete, and the damage caused during transportation and loading and unloading should be repaired in time.
1.2, remove all dirt and surface protection oil.
1.3. the relative motion contact surfaces of the parts shall be lubricated.
1.4. before the installation, all the pits of the foundation should be cleaned to ensure that the surface of the final casting has no oil stains.
2, installation requirements
2.1, the installation of the machine should be carried out in accordance with the basic map and general mechanical and electrical product installation specifications.
2.2. pre-retain the anchor bolt holes on the foundation. when installing the equipment, put the anchor bolts and grout.
2.3. apply the level of the level to the foundation.
2.4. use a specially set lifting hole when lifting the machine. pay attention to the protruding part of the machine before lifting the device, such as the protective cover, etc., must not be damaged or deformed.
2.5. the gas, water and electricity supply points in the basic map have been given. the cable should be laid in accordance with the relevant circuit diagram.
2.6. the connection of the high-speed copper coating tank to the upper and lower water is completed by the site and finally connected with the customer's main road.

sixth, trial operation
after the standby device is installed and adjusted, the no-load and load test run must be performed at the working speed before use.
1, no-load test run
1.1, precautions before no-load test operation
1.1.1 first refuel all the lubrication points (molybdenum disulfide grease).
1.1.2 check whether the connection parts of the machine are loose.
1.1.3 check if the water and gas source are connected.
1.1.4 check the electrical equipment according to the electrical data before turning on the power of the machine.
1.2, no-load test run should include the following
1.2.1 the machine runs for no less than 2 hours.
1.2.2 check the equipment for abnormal noise.
1.2.3 check whether the operation of each air pressure device is flexible: a, pendulum roller; b, reversing valve; c, protective cover lock.
1.2.4 check the name and function of the control switch one by one, and perform multiple operations:
1.3. manual switch set on the machine operation panel
1.3.1 start (button): the entire unit is "running".
1.3.2 front linkage (knob): the right reel is not included here, so for the first reel it is started separately.
1.3.3 rear linkage (knob): this does not include the left reel, so for the first reel, it can start the whole unit.
1.3.4 stop (button): the entire unit is "off".
1.3.5 single action (knob): this single jog
1.3.6 foot switch set on the machine:
1.3.7 forward: the reel is moving forward.
1.3.8 reverse: the reel is reversed.
1.4. manual switch set on the operation panel of the console:
check according to the electrical operating instructions.
1.5, no-load test run should meet the following requirements
1.5.1 bearing temperature rise does not exceed 30 ° c, the maximum temperature does not exceed 70 ° c.
1.5.2 the machine runs smoothly, and there should be no abnormal sounds in the friction parts of each connection.
1.5.3 the adjustment mechanism is flexible and achieves the required adjustment range.
1.5.4 each fastening part should be securely free of looseness.
2, load commissioning
after the functions of the machine and the whole machine are commissioned, the load test operation can be performed. after 8 hours of load operation, the following requirements should be met.
2.1 bearing temperature rise does not exceed 40 ° c, the maximum temperature does not exceed 80 ° c.
2.2 tension device can adapt to the difference between the drawing speed of the front and rear machines during the drawing process, and there is no jamming.
2.3 in the drawing process, it cooperates well with the related auxiliary equipment, and there is no coordination.
2.4 the technical performance of the machine meets the design requirements.
2.5 the rest is checked by no-load test operation.
3, test operation notes
3.1 after turning on the main motor power, adjust the speed control knob on the console to make the motor slowly accelerate from static. when the machine stops, the motor will slowly decelerate until it stops completely, then the brake will work, so as to ensure the drawing reel is safe and stable.
3.2 check the 'emergency stop' function of the console and reel unit. during operation, if the safety switch is operated, the machine should be mechanically braked quickly. this type of inspection is extremely important to avoid personal accidents and damage to parts in a critical situation.
3.3 in order to make the machine stop in an emergency when the line is disconnected, a disconnected parking function is provided on the machine.
3.4 functional check of the control system after the test is completed, the speed of the motor driving the reels shall be tested. the speed shall be the same as the rated speed of the motor. usually, the non-contact hand-held digital tachometer is used, with the help of the reflective marking on the motor pulley. to measure the motor speed, if the speed needs to be adjusted, adjust the inverter to complete. be absolutely careful when making adjustments! do not allow the motor speed to exceed the maximum allowable speed of the motor. the speed of each motor should be increased or decreased synchronously with the adjustment on the console. the speed display reading on the console depends on the speed of the last reel of the wire drawing machine.
3.5 after completing the above work, it is also checked whether the speed of each reel is the same as the actual speed. at this time, a non-contact hand-held digital tachometer can be used to measure the rotational speed of the reel by means of a reflective mark on the reel.
3.6 the wire drawing machine is designed with the reliability of all emergency switches in mind. in order to minimize the load caused by vibration, it is recommended to use the emergency switch only in a real emergency.
3.7 no-load test run first, let the machine run for 1 hour at the maximum speed of 1/4 speed, then check the temperature rise of all bearings. if the temperature rise is not higher than 30 °c, then increase the speed to 50% to make the machine run. 1 hour, check the water supply port seal and heat again. during the test run, if there is no abnormality, you can consider the no-load test to find out whether there is leakage and test temperature rise.
it is important to note that when the machine is first put into production, do not work under “full load” conditions. should be worn and maintained in front.

seven, running-in period and maintenance
the wire drawing machine must have been subjected to 6-8 hours of no-load cold towing. the load is run-in and the running-in is carried out in three stages:
the first stage: 30% of the load (30% speed) runs for 24 hours, no abnormalities occur, no excessive temperature rise.
the second stage: 40% of the load (fifty percent) is forty-eight hours of operation, no abnormalities occur, no excessive temperature rise and oil leakage.
the third stage: 70% of the load (70% speed) runs for 72 hours, no abnormalities occur, no high temperature rise and oil leakage.
after three stages of running-in, the grease (molybdenum disulfide grease) should be injected more thoroughly, and the machine should be fully inspected and put into full load operation.

eight, use and maintenance
1, the operation of the machine
1.1, threading operation
1.1.1, according to the conventional method, firstly, the thread is tipped, guided through a mold box filled with lubricant, into the first drawing die, after passing through the die, the wire is clamped by a wire cutter, and then hang the other end of the wire cutter in the hanging mouth of the upper part of the reel, jog the reel, and let the wire accumulate a certain number of turns on the working face of the reel, then loosen the wire drawing pliers, ready to enter the second drawing die, and put the wire material on. the second drawing die method is basically the same as the above, except that the foot rolls are used to jog the respective reels so that the wire material is tensioned between the reels, and then the left-hand drawing reel is slowed by the foot switch. the positive rotation causes the wire to accumulate the corresponding number of turns on the working face of the reel. so the analogy is completed and all threaded to the head.
1.1.2, high-speed copper plating part of the threading method, using the reverse wear method, is to go back from the dryer part, through the hot water wash each air nozzle - water washing - neutralization tank - water washing - copper coating tank (in plating the copper trough is reciprocally wound on the wire reel for 3.5 turns, then washing through the acid tank, reciprocated 4.5 times in the electrolytic cell, pulled out to the washing machine, and reciprocated 5 times in the washing machine to connect with the end line of the drawing machine. finally, the wire is drawed to the spool of the spool and the spool is connected to prepare for booting.
1.2.3, the wire is penetrated at a slow speed, and the threading speed of the reel controlled by the foot switch should be adjusted to the appropriate condition when the machine is installed. all the "input/cut" of the reel should be placed in the input position, and each pump and air switch should be linked to the linkage state. adjust the machine to the required speed on the console. normally, the speed change caused by the wire drawing wear can be automatically compensated.
1.2.4 when the equipment is working, pay attention to whether the lubricating powder of the wire is sufficient, whether the washing machine and the pickling electrolysis are cleaned, check whether the welding wire in the acid tank and the copper coating tank are below the liquid surface, and whether the wire is in the middle of each wind nozzle. pass, avoid scratching the wire, pay attention to adjust the position of the cable, ensure that the wire on the spool is flat, check the ph value of the liquid in the neutral tank is between 9 and 11.
1.2.5 the acid wheel and the pp wheel in the copper coating tank are replaced every 8 hours. the replaced wheel is cleaned and grooved, and the pp electrode is repaired and re-made for further use.
1.2.6. it must be emphasized that the protective cover must be locked during work to prevent injury when the wire is broken.
1.2.7. adjust the working speed. after starting the machine, pay attention to whether the machine is running abnormally. if there is any emergency stop, no work will be done.
note: do not put the hand on the fixed wire drawing pliers when threading. after the wire cutter is removed from the reel, put it in a safe place.
2. precautions for machine operation
2.1, the operator must be familiar with the performance of the device and the function of the joystick before use.
2.2. before the machine is running, the operator must carefully check that there is an abnormal situation and cannot drive.
2.3. if the machine is running, if there is an abnormal situation, it should be stopped immediately.
2.4. the operator is not allowed to touch the moving parts by hand when the equipment is running.
2.5, the operator must master the basic safety operation knowledge, comply with safety rules to prevent accidents.
2.6. before starting the machine, the operator should check whether the function of the “emergency stop switch” is normal and normal. if there is a fault, it is forbidden to start and operate the machine.
2.7. pay special attention to check the protective devices on the machine. do not remove or place objects on them and walk to avoid danger. if there is a fault, repair and remove it immediately.
2.8 when removing the wire from the machine, fix the wire to prevent the wire from being wounded.
2.9. there is a fault indication on the console. this display will indicate that the part of the machine has failed.
2.10. observe the normal maintenance and overhaul system in order to detect faults in the machine in a timely manner.
3, machine maintenance
3.1. in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, the operation and maintenance personnel shall perform maintenance according to the regulations.
3.2. the bearings of the machine are greased and lubricated. grease should be added or replaced regularly. molybdenum disulfide grease is used. the oiling hole of the bearing grease on the main shaft is above the wire drawing machine. refueling cycle: once a month.
3.3. regularly check that the fasteners are not loose.
3.4. regularly check the power wires and pneumatic pipes to prevent leakage and air leakage.
3.5, the machine should be regularly inspected, minor repair, overhaul, damaged parts should be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, thus extending the service life of the equipment.

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